The Hoa Hoa's

The Hoa Hoa’s are gone now but they will not be forgotten by anybody who likes Optical Sounds for it was their music, their friendship, their studio space and their legendary parties that really made this the friendly little community what it is now. “Falling In Love is for Young People” was the first song on their last EP. Their catalogue is groovy and a nod to music of decades ago.


The Hoa Ho's EP


The Hoa Hoa’s EP is available on CD and vinyl. The vinyl is limited to a run of 500 copies. For all your digital MP3 needs, the vinyl also includes a download card.

The Hoa Hoa’s EP was released in August 2011 and is the band’s 4th official release and 3rd with Optical Sounds. The band’s future is uncertain – as Femke pursues her love of photography at the world renowned Rietveld Academie in Holland – so this very well could be their last release.

Loyal followers have been waiting for the 6 tracks on this EP for a while and first-time listeners will find it hard not to show it off to their friends. Expect the same effortless ingenuity that has made the band a favourite of psych-lovers across the globe.

Modern Men
Falling In Love Is For Young People
Blue Gumball
All The Time
Going Out With Her


LP: $15 plus shipping

Pop/Drone Pedals


Pop/Drone/Pedals – the most successful release by The Hoa Hoa’s to date - is available on CD with maybe 100 or so copies left for purchase as of August 2011.

The 3rd of 4 releases from the band, this 13-song album was the first recorded entirely on their own in their now famous “Mansion” in Toronto’s Kensington Market. P/D/P was highly acclaimed from all corners of the globe The UK’s Drowned In Sound saying this: “If The Hoa Hoa’s were to take the Lester Bangs ‘would I want to befriend them’ acid test they would pass, with such a laconic sound only the most uptight scenester would reject their company”.

Highlights include Postcards, Vinyl Richie, Wasting Time and Grew Up On The Seeds – a song about their love of iconic 60’s rockers The Seeds and once performed during SXSW with Sky Saxon months before he passed away in 2009.

Grew Up On The Seeds
Vinyl Richie
Looking For Sun
Wasting Time
Feels So Good
Velocity (Downtown)
Feels So Good Inside
Hey Joe
Flowers Are Free

CD $5 plus shipping

Sonic Bloom


Sonic Bloom (along with The Disraelis’ Demonstration) was the first release for Optical Sounds. The 16 tracks on this CD are a combination of a re-mixed songs from their debut album (Flower Flowers [Yummy recordings]) and new songs recorded in their own house – “The Mansion” – in the DIY-style and approach that motivated so many other Toronto bands to do the same thing.

Songs like New Love II, Landing On The Moon and Out Of This World Man 3 illustrate the love and grasp of psych The Hoa Hoa’s have had since their beginning while Yellow Jacket and The List are – to this day – fan favourites and staples of their live performances. The latter’s lyrics being one long love letter to all the bands before them that inspired them so much.

Yellow Jacket
The List
I Saw You
Landing On The Moon
Bottles Mixed
Out Of This World Man 3
New Love II
Going Down
Lazy & High


CD: $5 plus shipping