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Tripped-out reverb rockers Magic Shoppe serve up a deliriously potent set of tracks on Interstellar Car Crash, their new EP that’s being released digitally and on limited edition 10″ white vinyl by Optical Sounds. Fixtures of Boston’s “Fuzzstival” garage/psychedelia scene, the band are no mere pretenders to the craft of hypnotic and buzzing textures — consistently medicating listeners with their recordings and multi-media live sets.

The opening track, ‘Salventius’, named for the Dutch artist whose work adorned the ‘Shoppe’s ‘Triangulum Australe’ EP, slashes along like MC5 kicking it on Cloud Nine. “City Alight (Yeah)” seems aglow with glazed impressions of lost West Coast nights. “Redhead” wields the band’s signature sinister reverb’d-to-high-heaven jangle, while the main riff swells of the majestic title track somehow recall The Beatles’ “Rain” blasted at a private rager in an airline hangar. The EP art evinces the impression of an astronaut apparently losing his marbles in full 3D glory, perfectly preparing the listener for the aural rocket ride ahead.

Magic Shoppe will be embarking on an East Coast tour in February 2016 to support the official release of Interstellar Car Crash.

Here’s the official video of City Alight (Yeah) from Interstellar Car Crash. The video was filmed and edited by Samuel Quinn (Vacant Lots, etc..).

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All Magic Shoppe digital/vinyl orders are fulfilled via Bandcamp. If you see or hear something you would like to order, just click the appropriate buy link in any of the embedded players below, which will bring you directly to a secure checkout window on the official Magic Shoppe Bandcamp page.