Ostrich Tuning

Part Torontonians, part Texas transplant, Ostrich Tuning are dedicated to the exploration of the vitalistic and animistic properties of the key of D.

With a crystal clear vision of sound and tone as well as an arsenal of unique hand-made instruments and pedals, they continue to stamp Toronto in a way no one will ever forget...if they could only remember.

In her highest Moon is the band's debut with Optical Sounds.

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Ostrich Tuning: In her highest Moon


In her highest Moon is Ostrich Tuning's debut on this label and can be had by cassette and/or digital download. The cassettes are limited to a run of 100 and can be purchased here or at their live shows until they run out. Your digital needs can be met through their bandcamp page:

The six songs further the band's mission to "fight the real enemy", an attempt to right two key wrongs: 1) The continued misappropriation of the term "elitism" by everyone (smug readers of VICE, "left-leaning" academics, Ford Nation supporters et al.), and 2) The continued (and horrific) forced suppression of feelings through "decent" (i.e. bourgeois/puritanical) living.

NOTE -cassette will be $6 with same shipping and handling rates as the Planet Creature cassette ($Can, $4 US, $6 intl)

Entr-Acte (swirling) + It Goes Right Through
Gender Trouble (Part IV) - These Hands.
Oakville to the End of the Line
The Box
A Descent Into The Maelstrom
Psychic Kids (Part I) - An Injury To Us All

Cassette: $6 plus shipping